“MovNat is a comprehensive lifestyle. It’s about diet and nutrition. It’s about exposure to sunlight and nature. It’s about getting rest. It’s about feeding the mind with healthy insights and positive thoughts.”

– Erwan Le Corre



MovNat was founded in 2008 by Erwan Le Corre, a student-turned-expert in natural movement. His physical education system
focuses on the full range of skills our human body has been selected to perform in order to survive and thrive in the natural world. While MovNat is relatively new, the concepts of natural movement, mindfulness, and evolutionary health are ancient and aligned with the innate wisdom of our distant ancestors.

MovNat goes beyond rudimentary ability, because being able is much different than being skilled. By practicing methods that favor our primal physiology, you’ll become more efficient and adaptable in your movement, minimizing opportunities for injury and maximizing your body’s true potential. The philosophy is simple — move more intentionally so you can live a better life. In our modern lifestyle, where we are constantly exposed to marathon sitting, chronic stress, and unnatural stimuli, returning to an intrinsic philosophy is more important than ever.

And people are accepting this invitation to revive their inner wild. In less than a decade, MovNat has gained international momentum, has been featured by prominent media including Outside and Men’s Health, and is practiced by tens of thousands of people from across the globe.



MovNat Denver is the first branded MovNat facility in Colorado. More than just a gym, MovNat is a community focused on the restorative power of natural movement and mindfulness. We offer a unique mix of  group classes, one-on-one lifestyle coaching, education, and community events. Our mission is to get people back in touch with their body, mind, and spirit, to unlock individual strength, and to open minds to new styles of movement.

MovNat Denver was founded by Matt
Kinneberg and Nate Smith. Compelled to share their passion for evolutionary health and fitness, Matt and Nate set out to open a flagship MovNat facility in Colorado. Vibrant, free, and a little bit wild, Denver and its open-minded community became the gym’s rightful home.

From nature enthusiasts and elite athletes to curious children and adults, anyone can practice MovNat. Come visit our gym, meet our team, and find out how easy it is to become a part of the natural movement revolution.



“By teaching MovNat skills to others and helping to create a healthy community, I am living according to my dream.” - Matt Kinneberg


Matt’s experience in martial arts, love for the outdoors, and a passion for ancestral medicine is what initially drew him to the concepts of natural movement. After graduating with a degree in Integrative Healthcare, Matt knew that only by challenging the current system and adopting an alternative approach would he be able to make real changes to our modern healthcare model.

Matt is driven by his passion to enhance people’s primal mindsets. He believes mindful movement is greatly misunderstood and that the common link among many lifestyle-related diseases is a lack of movement. Matt is Certified in MovNat Level II and ELDOA Level III, and is a CHEK Practitioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and ONNIT Foundations Coach. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Matt will push you to explore beyond your comfort zone. He’ll have you questioning your modern definition of health and reverting to ancient wisdom.

“MovNat has made a significant impact in my life. Opening this gym is the perfect way to provide myself with more of the MovNat lifestyle, give back to MovNat, and most importantly, teach others the value of natural movement and ancestral concepts.” - Nate Smith


Nate moved to Colorado when he was two years old. Raised among the mountains, Nate holds a deep reverence for being in a natural environment and freely pursuing his interests. Introduced to MovNat by Daniel Vitalis, a prominent figure in the rewilding community, Nate attended his first MovNat Certification in 2015. Since then, he has studied health from numerous perspectives, including pursuing a degree as a Holistic Practitioner.

Nate is Certified in MovNat Level III and ELDOA Level III and is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Nate’s vision to create a space focused on the integration of ancestral movement and health into our modern lives is what guided his decision to open MovNat Denver. He is passionate about teaching lifestyle concepts that have the potential to greatly impact people’s lives.


Roary was born and raised in Evergreen, Colorado. He grew up exploring the woods, returning home to his mother’s whistle before dark. As a teenager, Roary was passionate about BMX bike riding, placing in competitive contests by the age of 15. While working on a parks crew in his 20s, Roary became very involved in camping. He started practicing primitive skills, which eventually led to a rewilding lifestyle. Roary has completed NOLS Medical Training and is a Wilderness First Responder. He is also a survival instructor and runs outdoor adventure camps for kids. Roary was able to rid himself of asthma through constant exposure to nature. He has come to understand the human body as a temple and that everything we do is relevant to our movement. Roary’s goal is help aid the sick and stiff people he sees, so he can help create a better environment for his children’s children.


Maggie earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition-Dietetics from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She simultaneously completed her Cycle Fusion teacher training from QiFlow, a Denver studio focused on mobility, healthy aging, and balancing strength and softness. Maggie also has a certificate from the Temple Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage to lead Taoist Meditation. Combined with nearly a decade of personal yoga practice, Maggie brings a well-rounded approach to health and wellness for all those who participate in her classes and counseling sessions. And with her love of music and laughter, you can expect to move and groove in a mindful and fun way when you attend trainings with Maggie.


The movement aptitudes practiced are evolutionarily natural.

The movement aptitudes practiced are mostly instinctual. We need to learn techniques to develop our proficiency and turn them into skills, but nobody starts from scratch.

The movement aptitudes practiced belong to every human being regardless of origin, gender, or age.

The movement aptitudes practiced are directly useful to the situations of life, both simple and challenging, that demand a physical response or performance.

The movement aptitudes practiced are useful in times of emergency and contribute to safety.

The movement aptitudes practiced and the physical actions performed, optimally, must adapt to contextual demands such as the environment or the situation.

The movement aptitudes are practiced in order to acquire and maintain a near equalized, well-rounded skill set and conditioning level.

The movement aptitudes practiced are performed with efficient technique, resulting in greater performance, higher energy conservation, and safety.

The movement aptitudes practiced can be executed cooperatively in order to perform physical tasks that no single individual could achieve alone. Or, they can be practiced individually, but for the purpose of supporting others.

The movement aptitudes are regularly practiced outdoors in order to maximize health benefits and increase well-being and connection to nature.


The idea to open a devoted MovNat facility in Denver became a reality only through the support of MovNat. Our programs are rooted in this transformative physical education system and we look forward to introducing its life-changing concepts to more people.

There are countless ways you can swap components of your modern life for more natural options. Later this year, we will launch the Primal Aspects website where you can find information on all things primal, including an online store featuring our socially responsible apparel line. Sign up to receive updates about this exciting project.

Our gym is specially designed, featuring Kjub Sports modular equipment. Custom made for MovNat, Kjub Sports equipment brings the natural training environment indoors with boxes, poles, beams, and walls that produce an adaptive and safe space to learn.